Astrotrain Micron Campaign Begins Friday 8/8

That little clear purple space shuttle is just two days away from release! That’s right, the campaign for Micron Astrotrain – a translucent purple redeco of Generations Payload – is scheduled to start Friday, August 8th at Toys R Us Stores in Japan. This is a little unusual as the campaigns usually start on a Saturday but since this Friday is the Japanese release date for Transformers: Lost Age/Age of Extinction, the campaign starts a day earlier to coincide with the film. Rules for this campaign are the same as previous campaigns: participants must purchase 3,000 yen worth of Transformers product from Takara Tomy in order to be eligible to receive the Micron figure.
Also expected for release on Friday is the Toys R Us Japan exclusive Optimus Prime Rusty Version. This figure is a redeco of the Voyager Evason Mode Optimus Prime in a movie accurate faded, worn, & rusted color scheme.
Source: Autobase Aichi blog

Campaign Micron Astrotrain

Optimus Prime Rusty Version