Andrew Wildman’s Regeneration One art auctions

Looking to liven up your walls? Fan-favorite Transformers comic artist Andrew Wildman has some options for you this week, as he is offering some original art pages from his Transformers: Regeneration One issues for sale via eBay.

The penciled pages come from issues 88 and 89 of IDW’s Regeneration One series, and feature characters including Scorponok, Hot Rod, and the Dinobots. The pages are unlettered, but each page of art does include the Simon Furman script page Wildman worked from when drafting the art.
From Wildman’s blog:

Now that the Transformers Regeneration One comic book series is over and complete I thought it time to put up for sale a few of the pages of original art. I have sold a couple at conventions recently but it would be good to get them out into the wider Transformers world.

The four auctions wrap up this coming weekend, so there’s plenty of time to get in on the bidding, and with the bids at this time sitting between £20.00 and £36.89, now is your chance to score a heck of a bargain and own a real piece of Transformers history. Visit Andrew Wildman’s blog HERE for more information, including links to each auction on eBay, and then talk about the art auctions HERE in the Allspark Forums!