A New Japanese Mook On The Way? Transformers Ultimate Toy Guide 2014

Well then. That was unexpected. It appears that we have a new book coming. Great!

The cover shows Age Of Extinction Optimus Prime riding Grimlock. The title is, in case you missed the header, ‘Transformers Ultimate Toy Guide 2014’. That small image is mirrored below.
According to Red Mercury’s pre-order, available by clicking here, the book is solicited as being 56 pages, published by Toho. The description states that it celebrates 30 years of the brand, and mentions Age of Extinction, and the 3 films prior to it. The other info seems a bit ambiguous, which is most likely an artefact of Google Translate, and the difficulties in conveying concepts in different languages. It does seem that it will cover more than just 2014’s releases, but we’ll see.
It would seem that this essentially overlaps what is normally covered in the varying editions of the popular Generations mooks. Mook – Magazine/Book hybrid. Hard to explain without seeing one, but they’re comfortable to read.
We’ll have more on this as we get more info. Click here to discuss this.
Transformers Ultimate Toy Guide 2014