Update: Prices For Kids Logics’ Gold And Silver Plated Figures Released

We now have price details for the limited edition gold plated Autobots and silver plated Decepticons, using the sculpts from the regular Kids Nation line, and just how much you can expect to pay for these unique collectibles.

We originally posted an article on this 3 days ago. That is located right here, just in case you missed it.
In that article we used similar examples of smaller Iron Man 3 figures with the same plating, just to try and give an idea of just how much we may guesstimate for the rough bottom price on these, while noting that the Iron Man figures are smaller than their Transformers counterparts. Site sponsor BigBadToyStore has now listed them for pre-order, which shows us just how much we can expect to pay. Note that this price may vary depending on the retailer, and so far, only BigBadToyStore has these up, so check with your favourite store to see if they will be offering these for sale. Due to the price they may need to be special ordered for you at some retailers.
As a quick recap, these are the Kids Logic line of smaller Mecha Nation figures, named Kids Nation. There are six characters being produced for these Limited Editions, featuring Autobots plated with 24k gold, and Decepticons in .999 silver plating. Three characters from each faction are being produced in this high-end format, with Optimus Prime, Grimlock, and Bumblebee for the Autobots, and Megatron, Soundwave, and Starscream representing the Decepticons.
These average around 4 inches in height, with Grimlock coming in as the tallest, and Bumblebee as the smallest. These are sold separately in this format, and the prices reflect the size of each character. All prices here are in USD. If you would like the figures in a cheaper, standard format, they have just been released in traditional colours, with each having light-up eyes.
Grimlock, as the largest and therefore most expensive, is listed for $444.99. Below him is Megatron, at $419.99. Next we drop down to the cheapest tier. These figures do vary in height, but are all listed for the same price. For $389.99 each, are the other 4 figures: Optimus Prime, Soundwave, Starscream, and Bumblebee. Each comes with an acrylic display case, which is numbered underneath the base.
To see BigBadToyStore’s listings for these, just click right here to go to their pre-order page for these.
Below you’ll see two of the same photos from the previous article, showing both factions available in this special release. They’re expected to arrive in September.