Upcoming Lost Age Figures from Takara Tomy

Japanese online retailer Maruzen-Toys.com  have listed a number of new, upcoming Transformers: Lost Age action figures from Takara Tomy. No images are shown, but most of the listings appear to be for Takara Tomy versions of the Power Battlers toys. Check out the following listings:
LA14 Battle Command Optimus Prime and Bumblebee Powerhouse Set – 8100 yen
LA15 Battle Attack Grimlock1944 yen
LA16 Battle Attack Slug 1,944
LA17 Battle Attack Snarl – 1944 yen
LA18 Battle Attack Galvatron1944 yen
LA-SP Lost Age Series 4 Set of (provisional) – 4860 yen

This group of toys is scheduled for an October release. Since there are no images, it is unknown what makes LA14 Battle Command Optimus Prime different from LA01. Initial information had labeled LA14 as “Battle Attack Nemesis Prime”, however is seems that figure has been renumbered as LA13 rather than it being a redeco of Battle Command Optimus Prime.