Two Updates from Steve Jablonsky

Steve Jablonsky has posted two Facebook updates about his presence at Comic Con. The first one announces a Twitter contest in which the winners receive a signed score page. The second discusses the possibility of an Age of Extinction CD score release.

The first is all about Comic Con and the Twitter contest.

Heading down to Comic Con today, really looking forward to meeting everyone. I’m bringing some goodies with me to give away after the panel, which gave me an idea for everyone who is not able to attend. I was thinking I might tweet out pictures of Comic Con craziness, seems like a fun way to get more into Twitter. But what if I randomly throw in a Transformers question, and the first person to reply with the right answer will receive a signed score page. Don’t worry the questions will be easy 
If anyone is interested you’ll find me over on Twitter under the name @jablonsky_steve
Hopefully I’ll meet some of you in person down in San Diego!
Age of Extinction Score

The second sheds some light on the possibility of a CD release for the Age of Extinction score, and announces that he’s signing a few copies of the TF1 score as prizes for this weekend’s Twitter contest.

And by the way, for those asking about an Age of Extinction CD release, I am doing everything I can to make it happen. There are a lot of factors that go into a studio’s decision whether or not to release physical copies of a movie score. They definitely lean towards digital releases. It’s less expensive and that is just the way things are headed now. I have made my argument that there are still a lot of soundtrack fans out there who appreciate holding a real CD in their hands, and appreciate listening to CD quality audio. I am doing everything I can.
I do have some copies of the original TF1 score, I know there are some people who were not able to get a copy before it went out of print. I’ll sign a couple of those for this weekend’s Comic Con tweet fest  Watch out for questions at @jablonsky_steve
Thanks to all of you for the love and support.