Travel the Cosmos with Galaxy Getaways!

Tired of the same, same, same from your Earth-bound vacation? After years of empty science fiction promises, Galaxy Getaways is here, finally offering exciting off-world jaunts the likes of which you’ve only been able to dream. Ready to take the leap? Click the big green ‘Read More’ button…

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Okay, so it’s actually a clever marketing campaign for the upcoming Marvel Studios feature, Guardians of the Galaxy, but the Galaxy Getaways site offers more than just the usual trailer and cast photos most movie websites have to offer. Users can navigate locations from the film using a “street view” feature, take a quiz to find out which Guardian they’re most like (I’m Gamora, apparently), and play the “I am Groot” game (think “Where’s Waldo?” in the trees).
Click HERE to visit the Galaxy Getaways site, and join the discussion about the highly-anticipated film in the Allspark’s Forum of Solitude HERE!