Transformers Toy Sighting Round-Up

Have you been glued to your computer all weekend reading up on Comic-Con, Anime-Con Hong Kong, and Summer Wonder Festival news? Well get outside and go out on  toy hunt! As we mentioned yesterday, we’re getting various reports of things like Masterpiece Sunstorm and Prowl, Custom Kreons Wave 2, Rescue Bots Epic Figures… and there are even more sightings coming in today!
First up is the electronic Heatwave the Rescue Dinobot figure from Rescue Bots. This figure features action gimmicks in the head and tail as well as lights and dinosaur noises. While it does not appear to convert, it is a terrific playset of a sort for little ones who already have the small Rescue Bots figures to interact with it. This was spotted in Toys R Us stores in San Jose, California and Jonestown, Pennsylvania.
Also at Toys R us in San Jose, California is the Mr. Potato Head set of Optimus Prime and Grimlock! Both characters are based around the same base taters, but Grimlock’s added dinosaur bulk enables Optimus Prime to ride on his back.
Lastly at a Toys R Us in AZ Mills, Arizona, the Transformers Age of Extinction Evolutions Bumblebee set has finally been found in the US. This features the upcoming new Deluxe Bumblebee as well as a minor redeco of the Generations Legends Bumblebee figure (without Blazemaster).
Click the following links to see the original sightings on TFW2005. Then post your own sightings in our Sightings Forum.
Electronic Heatwave The Rescue Dinobot
Mr. Potato Head Grimlock and Optimus PrimeEvolutions Bumblebee