Transformers Legends Game Gives Grimlock A Second Term As King

The Transformers Legends Blog has posted news about the next event, which will be a repeat of the recent ‘Me, Grimlock, King’ episode, due to an apparent glitch the first time, which prevented players from earning the top tier rewards. This means that Episode Reward cards will be available again, with the following cards being exclusive to the event in their current Episode format; Optimus Prime, Megatron, Wheeljack, Shockwave, and of course, Grimlock himself.
It begins Wednesday at 4pm for pre-registration, and the event itself starts Thursday at 5pm. Note that this is US time, and they don’t specify which US time-zone they’re referring to. Mobage has not stated what the exact glitch was, nor how it occurred, but at least it’s giving players a fair chance, which will please most of the player-base, and give them another opportunity to get these powerful and beautifully drawn Episode cards.
Further information will be available on the official Transformers Legends Blog, which is located here, and the game itself, which is available via iTunes and Google Play.