“Transformers: Age of Extinction” Score Teaser EP from Steve Jablonsky

What is an EP and what does it have to do with Transformers: Age of Extinction, one may ask? An EP – extended play – is basically a music recording that has more tracks than a single but less than a full album. And in this case, score composer Steve Jablonsky has sent out a teaser for the film of four tracks onto both iTunes US and iTunes Japan, as well shared by the official Michael Bay twitter feed.

The score EP has gone live! This is just a teaser, it was the best way to get something out there quickly. These four tracks are exclusive to the EP, they are theme pieces I wrote early on. The score album will have different material (including variations on these themes), and will have more than four tracks 🙂 No official release date yet.
If you check it out I hope you enjoy!

Tracks contained includes: “Hunted”, “Lockdown”, “Autobots Reunite”, and “Tessa”. You can hear parts of Imagine Dragons’ “Battle Cry” in “Hunted”.
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