Transformer Subscription Service 7th ‘Secret’ Figure Revealed

The always reliable Snakas blog has shown us photos of the secret seventh figure, ready for shipping, presumably ready to make the swim to the US. So who is it? Join us after the jump, and all shall be revealed. Secret Spoilers apply, obviously!

The whole subscription service for the second time round introduced a new surprise to gain and hopefully please their subscriber base. They advertised that there would be a free ‘incentive’ figure, sent with the 6th and final figure, before round 3 begins. So please, if you DO want to keep it a surprise for when you get the last figure, then this is NOT the article for you.
When the 7th figure was first brought up by Fun Publications promos, there was, of course, a lot of speculation on who it could be. There was one contender that seemed the most obvious though. They were already using the previously otherwise unreleased RTS Rumble and Frenzy mold, which came out in Japan, but never hit western shelves. We saw that we were getting Rewind from that mold with a new, comic based head. Fans applauded, as Rewind had a very prominent and memorable role under the pen of James Roberts, in IDW’s ‘More Than Meets The Eyes’ ongoing comic series. But Rewind did always have a certain friend, who had appeared with him in G1 and the Data Disk Legends of 2012.
That ‘friend’ was named Eject. They were much like the Autobot equivalent of Rumble and Frenzy. Same mold, same heads for both, different colours. So seeing we were known to be getting Rewind as part of the Sub, Eject seemed to be the most obvious candidate for the Secret figure. And to the surprise of no one, he is. Wonderful. People had been hoping it was him, and yes, in the end, the speculation was correct.
A new post on the Snakas blog shows us a few photos of Eject, again just a palette-swap of Rewind. The blue does look very nice on him here, and the shade chosen really makes him stand out. Being that these are not official photos, we don’t get quite as good a look as we may want, but at the same time, it’s essentially blue Rewind, so there’s not going to be much difference, anyway. But considering the figures are individually bagged and separated by cardboard pieces, ready to be shipped, we do get a surprisingly good look at both modes.
Thanks to the Snakas blog, which has the entry and photos here. Please note that we have mirrored said photos below, for your convenience. Just remember some people still want to keep the surprise element, so be kind, and be careful. We don’t want to accidentally spoil another person’s fun.
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