ToyWorld JP teases Third-Party Dinobot Combiner

Third-party toymaker ToyWorld JP has released some new images of two of their upcoming figures based on the G1 Dinobots. Figures based on Sludge and Snarl are shown, with the unofficial Snarl figure looking close to production. In a neat twist, one of the images shows the two figures as the legs of a combined mode!

ToyWorld earlier made news for revealing that their team based on the G1 Throttlebots will be able to for a Gestalt super robot, but this is the first confirmation that their Dinobot figures will share this ability. While nothing above the knees is pictured, Transformers fans have debated the idea of combining Dinobots since the lumbering brutes first showed up almost thirty years ago. ToyWorld’s figures look to lack the size and detail of some of the other third-party Dinobots out there, but they are thus far the only set to have a combined mode, just showing yet again that the third-party market has something to offer every fan!
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