Toys R Us Japan Exclusive “Lucky Bag” of Transformers

Toys R Us Japan are currently offering a “lucky bag” of Transformers product to Transformers fans looking to score a great deal. The bag of figures includes Movie Advanced AD20 Black Knight Grimlock, AD23 Drift, and AD26 Lockdown. The normal price for these three figures is 13,100 yen ($128.53 USD), but the price being offered on the lucky bag is just 8, 636 yen ($84.73 USD)! And that’s not all! There is a fourth figure included in the lucky bag! Customers will get one of two previous Arms Micron toys – either Pinpointer or Vector Oracle (selection varies, the customer cannot choose which Micron they get).
This is a heck of a deal for Transformers fans in Japan!
Check out the order page on Toy R Us Japan’s website