To Australians I Cry, A Free Wheelie Is A Lie

Australian kids’ magazine ‘Mania’ released their July edition today. As advertised in the June issue, it  is packaged with an ‘exclusive’ toy, which is a red redeco of Universe Legends Wheelie, but it’s unfortunately not quite as it appears.

What would have been an impressive coup for the magazine, scoring an exclusive Transformers redeco, is nullified due to one rather important fact. It’s a knock-off, and not an officially sanctioned Hasbro release. Some Australians have already bought this thinking it was a legitimate Hasbro variant, but it’s not.
The first warning was that the June issue advertised it as a ‘Free Transforming Robot Warrior’, which already indicated that something wasn’t quite right. The fact that the issue is being touted as a resource for Age Of Extinction has already muddied the water enough to make some believe it’s official product. It does feature an interesting version of a faction sigil, which does look to be based on an official character. Which one is debatable due to the chevron on the helmet, but I’m guessing some iteration of Prowl or Ratchet, or even Animated Yoketron. If you do recognise who it is, please let us know, as I’d love to know too.
The toy itself does look quite sharp in red, but caveat emptor applies, as it is absolutely not an officially sanctioned release. The best pic we have of it so far is still the preview image from Mania’s June issue. We’re expecting more photos of the actual toy over the coming days, as more people purchase it in-store.
Thanks to Boltax from the Allspark forums for sharing scans of the June issue preview. To see more images of the relevant content of said issue, it’s right here, in our own forums.