Time To Prowl For A Prowl, As Hasbro’s Masterpiece Prowl Slinks Onto Shelves In Australia And Malaysia

Meaning that it shouldn’t be long before it starts hitting US shelves, with Masterpiece Mustard Sunstorm right behind him. But how does the price compare to the Takara Tomy version?

As has become the norm in Australia, Prowl and Mustard Sunstorm are exclusive to Toys R Us. The reissued Grimlock should be coming shortly after. We’re waiting for more definite news for the Malaysian sightings, and if you have pricing and availability info on this, we’d love to hear from you.
We do, however, know the Australian price. We’ve been lucky with very fair prices of the last few Masterpieces available here. Prowl, though, seems to be a bitter pill to swallow for some. Is it time to flip a table?
Personally, I have 3 of the TakTom Prowls, and I think they were all around the $67AU mark including shipping. All with the fantastic coin, and an extra launcher each. Toys R Us have the Hasbro Prowl for $100AU. For perspective, Soundwave was a bargain at $150, MP-10 Optimus Prime was also around that mark, and Thundercracker was $75. So, have the fans missed the boat on easily obtaining cheaper TakTom versions? No, but it’s a qualified no.
As always, there’s been a Knockoff version since the first release, so buyers should be wary before committing to a purchase, especially from low feedback sellers on eBay.
Whichever you choose, one thing remains clear: This is, without a doubt, one of the pinnacles of the Masterpiece line so far. So he may be worth a bit of frustration. Thank you to my fellow Australians for information, and I hope to update this once I hear back from some Malaysian friends.
It shouldn’t be long before he hits shelves in the US. But it seems that even at a higher price, he won’t stay on those shelves for long.