Throw Back Thursday! Transformers General Motors Infographic Shares the Company’s Past Favorites

Update: Proper credit was not given for the info graphic. We indicated that it was from General Motors but it actually came from the folks over at — an online reseller of GM OEM parts. Be sure to check them out.
Throwback Thursday! Transformers 4 is shattering box office records around the world, but it’s sometimes easy to forget that the other ‘stars’ are the film series are the American car company General Motors cars themselves. General Motors has had a strong and ongoing relationship with the franchise all the way back to the first film in 2007. Of course, back then Michael Bay was knocking on doors begging for a car company to supply the vehicles that would one day becoming the autobots. Times have changed since then, since according to Bay people are knocking down his door to put their cars and trucks in the movie.
With all that said, General Motors is proud of their relationship with the series and has provided an infographic featuring some of the company favorites from past movies along with some factoids you may not have known about both the cars and the characters they portray.