The SDCC ‘Class Of 1984’ Kre-O Set Are A Photogenic Bunch

We’re edging closer and closer to San Diego Comic-Con, on July 24-27. With that comes exclusives. We’ve already shown you pics of all the various Transformers toys and sets available for this year’s event, but now here’s something that is a welcome bit of fun: here are high-res photos of each and every Kreon in the ‘Class Of 1984’ set. Get your Kreon fix after the jump!

We’ve already shown you images of the set packaged and loose, which was in our article  located right here. Now we’re showing the loose set photo, split into 10 photos of 3 each, showing off the whole set, in their majestic Kreon glory. This includes the figures themselves, and their fun, era appropriate accessories. Parents, good luck explaining ‘video tape’ and ‘cassette’ to your children.
Enjoy the nice clear shots below, and feel free to join our ongoing discussion thread for this wonderful pack in the Allspark forums right over here.
*Please note that while the thumbnails below only show a single character, they actually do all have 3 Kreons per image.