The Return Of The Protectobots?

Yes. Yes, they are returning. Kinda. Let’s take a peek after the jump!

I have a feeling these may have been mentioned before, but either way, we can now take a look at the packaging, and a closer look at the two sets.
We have quite a mix of lines here. 3 are from Prime/Beast Hunters with Ratchet repainted and named First Aid, Legion Class Arcee as Groove, and deluxe Prowl into Streetsmart.  These are called the ‘Emergency Response Squad’.
Then we go to the EVAC Squad, consisting of Hot Spot, but probably may be named a little differently, from TF 2010 Inferno and the crane from the Grapple remold, and then the Artist Formerly Known As Blades, from Movie Blazemaster.
These were larger pics than what we originally had, and these were found on Sina Weibo, and Snakas’ Blog too.
More info as it trickles in. To keep up to date via our forum thread, that is located right here, and we welcome you to give your opinion.