The Return Of…ROM!

ROM is quite a peculiar property, with a peculiar history. It’s known more for its comics than the toy they were based on.
But now, after a long, long wait, are we FINALLY seeing some movement on the horizon for ROM fans? Join us after the jump to find out!

Those comics in question? They’re what made the character memorable. The comic continued long after the toy itself went out of production, and even today, those comics are very highly regarded by readers for pure quality of both art and writing. They’ve just been stuck in a bit of a legal quagmire. Marvel owns basically all the copyrights, EXCEPT for the character of ROM itself. That’s made the possibility of reprints of the beloved series into one of comics’ longest-running stalemates. There’s been bits of news here and there, new filing of trademarks, but never anything tangible. Until now.
ROM is back.
MTV News is reporting that there will be an exclusive ROM figure available at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con. A small amount will be allocated for sale afterwards on This is something, and it’s a good start, but this ROM is  a new Mighty Mugg, a more ‘corporate’ attempt a few years ago to enter the designer vinyl market in a cheap and appealing way. It may not be the hyper-realistic toy fans dreamed of, but it’s SOMETHING. Even better, it’s a stylish and attractive something. Even with the limitations given the uniform styling required, the figure has turned out remarkably well. Some characters really don’t work in the Mugg format. Others, like ROM here, shine, and seem almost made for this format.
If you’d like your own ROM Mighty Mugg, and who wouldn’t, they’re scheduled to be sold for $22.99 at Booth #3329 at the convention, and as mentioned above, some are allocated for sale at, after the event itself. This could be the start of a Regenesis for ROM, a sign that old wounds still heal, and that when there’s money to be made, you follow it, and please fans at the same time, even after a decades long drought.
The full story is here on MTV News, including photos, which we have also mirrored below, for your convenience.