TFSource Blogger, ‘Maz’, Picks His Favourite Deluxes From The 21st Century. What’d He Come Up With?

The always enjoyable blogger, Maz, is known for the quality of his articles, and for his mental library of vast Transformers history, particularly foreign rarities, and new discoveries. Join Us After The Jump To Find Out More.

This time he’s done a very interesting opinion piece. He’s listed his favourite Deluxe class Transformers, from Robots In Disguise way back in 2001, to the most recent, Transformers Prime, and the movie deluxes in between. He’s definitely made some interesting choices. Being an opinion piece, he can’t be ‘wrong’, but of course, opinions will always differ with this kind of thing. To read his list and accompanying pictures, check out his article at Allspark sponsor site The blog piece in question is located right here.
It’s inevitable that we all start thinking about who we’d choose, and he even includes suggested figures from several longtime collectors. I’ve got to say, just off the top of my head, I’d personally add Armada Wheeljack, Cybertron Crosswise, Animated Prowl, Animated Ratchet, Classics Mirage, Universe Hound, Universe Sunstreaker, and Generations Wheeljack. I know Generations Wheeljack gets a surprisingly lukewarm rating from many collectors, but I love it.
If I had to pick just one, though, it’d easily be Classics Mirage. Sure, I’d like to see a more accurate to the original version too, but wow, this 2006 Classics version is just such a nice figure, with an insane amount of articulation. It’s the one I’d say is the most necessary purchase, in my opinion.
So there’s mine, so how about you? Who and what are your favourite Deluxe figures from the past 14 years, and why?
Thanks to Maz for a very interesting article, and please, come join us in the forums, as we start listing our own choices, right here.