TFcon Toronto Attendee Exclusive Revealed: PESTILENCE

TFcon Toronto has just revealed their attendee exclusive for this years con!



One of the many drones created by TOXIN to watch his skidplate while he plots something bigger then his fellow Destrons can ever understand. PESTILENCE much like the cyber laser he was forged from, is fast, exact and sharp. When many of these units are together, their AI become one and try to work as a team to destroy their target. Wearing 2 turbo boots on each side of it’s super structure helps PESTILENCE get that jolt of speed needed to knock-down it’s prey before snuffing out it’s spark or dragging it’s shell of a body to TOXIN for some experiments. Due to it being a drone, it’s not used to unique situations or bots that are straight up unpredictable. While in groups, their AI will try to work together, but also makes all surrounding units function in a similar fashion, making the pack as a whole very easy to read.