Takara LA Series DVD Special Entries

Those buying Takara’s LA toy series will have a DVD packaged with it, “Transformers: Lost Age The Great Autobot Gathering! –  Toy & Movie Special DVD”, the entire length that of 45 minutes. Courtesy of Autobase Aichi, there’s a breakdown – no pun intended – of the DVD’s listing.

Here’s the list of videos on the DVD.

  • Lost Age Movie Trailer
  • Lost Age Character Introduction (Character introduction using Sen-zai illustrations of Hasbro, Inc.)
  • Lost Age Series Toy Diorama Story and Transformation Introduction
  • Battle Command Optimus Devoted to Play!! (Introduction of the transformers sequence of the toy)
  • Toy Diorama Story – Enter the Dinobots!
  • Advanced Movie Series Products (Shorter version that introduced the product to the market in July)
  • Transformers History (Past DVD compilation of introducing successive generations of commanders content up till Optimus Exprime)
  • Transformers Expo TV Commercial
  • Special Anime Recording (G1 TF Episode 16 “Atlantis, Arise!“)
  • Cool Age! Lost Age! Series Song

LA series Autobot gatheringLA series Autobot gathering diorama LA series Autobot gathering menu



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