Sushi Sentai Released in Japan

In all of the Comic-Con 2014 news, a little bit of news from Japan was skipped – Takara Tomy’s Osushi Sentai Sharidaa/Sushi Sentai toy line has been released in Japan! The actual release date was two days ago – July 23rd (or the 24th in Japan due to timezones) – and the initial release included just the main 5 heroic sushi.
Takara Tomy Arts have been tweeting out a few images of the toys now that the final production run has hit shelves, including images of Toys R Us exclusive  translucent Sentai Sushi armor/fish!
These aren’t technically Transformers, we know, but they are a line of transforming robots from Takara Tomy and as such may be of some interest to Transformers fans.
Check out the Takara Tomy Arts tweets for images of the toys.