SuperFanArt: Hasbro teams with Shapeways for Official Fan Art

Always wanted a Megatron toothbrush holder, but you’ve been consistently disappointed by the limited options on store shelves? Announcing SuperFanArt, a new joint venture between Hasbro and custom 3D printing service Shapeways!

While fan-made projects are hardly new to Shapeways, the announcement of SuperFanArt marks Hasbro’s first official endorsement of the 3D printing service for commercial use. The first (and so far only) Hasbro brand to get the official green light is My Little Pony, but the implications for Transformers fans are pretty mind-blowing. Using the SuperFanArt platform, fans may soon be able to create and share designs for items like custom accessories and weapons to outfit their figures, replacement heads or other parts for customized toys, or custom memorabilia of any description imaginable. Fully transforming figures may not be practical using current Shapeways technology, but the capabilities of 3D printing are advancing rapidly!

We’re thrilled to team up with Hasbro to launch SuperFanArt, a website that enables fans inspired by Hasbro brands to showcase their artwork and sell their 3D printed designs there and on Shapeways. SuperFanArt grants the passionate and talented Hasbro brand fan base and Shapeways community a license to create exciting new art and product offerings.

SuperFanArt Group 1
The first SuperFanArt offerings – several My Little Pony figures – will be available later this week at San Diego Comic Con. Read the offical announcement on the Shapeways site HERE and then jump into the discussion HERE in the Allspark Forums!