Some Additional Information About Takara Tomy’s “Q Transformers” Line

Japanese online retailer now has a little bit more information about Takara Tomy’s upcoming Q Transformers – or “QT” – line of figures. Or should we say Tomica’s upcoming line? Interestingly enough that is how the retailer categorizes them and further goes on to describe them as “Tomica vehicle size” as well as “transformed into robot mode easily”. Could Cyberverse fans now have something  to fill that void in their collecting habits? We’ll see when the first images for QT are released!
The first batch of QT are scheduled for a November release and include QT-01 Optimus Prime, QT-02 Bumblebee, QT- 03 Lockdown, QT-04 Crosshairs, and QT-05 Countach Lambor (Sideswipe). The second batch then come out a month later in December and those are: QT-06 Fairlady Z Prowl, QT-07 ’86 Rodimus, and QT-08 Copen Bumble (blue Bumblebee?). Each are listed at 1078 Yen or  $10.61 USD.
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