So, How Did The G2 Stunticons Auction End, And How Much Wallet Damage Was Inflicted?

We imagine that image represented the faces of onlookers when the virtual hammer fell on the high profile G2 Stunticon bagged set auction on eBay, that finished today.
Join us after the jump to see why!

Estimates always vary for an auction. That’s just the way of life. All you need are two stubborn bidders, and then you’ve got yourself a showdown. We’ve already posted two articles about the auction, so this should come as no surprise, as it is the end-cap for this story, for now.
This auction in particular was the talk of the fandom, as everyone threw out their estimates for that all-important final price. Personally, I was thinking it would end in the 20-24k range, and I gave a more conservative guess in my reminder article yesterday, of 18-23k. Like all sums in this piece, I’m using USD. Turns out I was wrong, whichever estimate was used.
It was sitting on the quite conservative $13600 mark for quite a few hours, but the closer that countdown loomed, the more bidders lined up for a virtual feeding frenzy. Once the sniping started, it became a free-for-all from the high-rollers. The question on everyone’s mind though, is focused squarely on that final price.
It ended up outperforming most expectations, selling for $26, 815.oo. That’s right. Almost twenty seven thousand dollars. Check for yourself right here. Not bad, not bad at all.
By the end, the auction had accumulated a whopping 71 bids, though most were low bidders at the start of the auction. It shows the market for rarities is as strong as always, and even stronger than most would have predicted.
Now the question remains: what will be the next rarity to pop up?
You can see all the images mirrored in our original article, which is available right here.  This is a hot topic of discussion on our forums, so you’re welcome to drop in, and find out more about these figures. You can do so directly here.