Sigh. Add MP Smokescreen to the list of KOed Masterpiece Figures

This was inevitable, seeing the other two Datsuns have already been KOed. Doesn’t mean it’s any less disappointing, though. Prowl and Bluestreak have been available for quite some time, making it a race against time for the final use of the mold so far (besides last month’s toy-accurate Silverstreak repaint) of the Datsun Bros.
This means that buyers do need to exceed greater caution, if/when buying the toy now. There are no guides up yet to distinguish the ‘tells’, but if buying from an untrusted source, like eBay, spend the time to check out the seller’s history and reputation. Nothing worse than paying fair money for the real deal, and instead receiving a lousy knockoff. There does appear to be one useful difference, especially if buying loose: Smokescreen’s mouth sculpt hasn’t carried over pefectly, so the KO version gives his lips a ‘kissy face’ expression. He also seems to have red KOed versions of the Amazon launchers, in the box. That’s not right. Note though that legit red launchers do exist, as they’re included in the exclusive Silverstreak redeco. But that’s still not a lot of legit red launchers out there. Be wary.
This also probably means that a KO of the toy-based Silverstreak redeco of Blustreak could be just around the corner.