Reminder: G2 Stunticons Auction Ending Soon

With less than 24 hours to go, one of the most watched auctions in recent Transformers history still has time for one last gasp of surprise.

It’s almost impossible to have missed all mention of these, and other assorted Transformers rarities also being offered simultaneously. But just in case you’ve had a Transformers news blackout for the past week, here’s a quick reminder on one of them.
The fan ‘darling’ of these auctions is one of the most impressive sets known from the 90’s. Well, almost from the 90’s, considering its history. Among many other prototypes from that G2 period, this bagged sample set of all 5 of the G2 Stunticons is a potential centrepiece for almost any collection. The auction is under close scrutiny by thousands of both potential bidders, and onlookers enjoying the spectacle. If you want to bid on these, then you’re likely to be up for another 17 hours, as that is how much time is left till we reach the finish line. As of the time of writing, the set is sitting pretty at $13, 600 US. It will obviously be a rather higher amount by the end of the auction, with speculation on the final price tending to be lobbed around at 18-23 thousand. It will be very interesting to see that final price.
Here’s a link to our first article on this, which also has a handy gallery of all the pictures displayed in the auction itself. And finally, the most important page of them all, the auction itself. That is located here, and we would like to give a hearty ‘good luck’ to all bidders involved, and we also congratulate whoever ends up winning these marvelous rarities.
The auction’s been a heck of a fight, but the war’s not quite over yet…