RC Transformers by Nikko RC

Nikko RC has just posted a commercial to you tube to advertise for their new remote controlled Transformer product. You can check it out below! They look pretty neat.

Nikko presents Transformers 4 products featuring:
The iconic Optimus Prime and Bumblebee as radio controlled car/Autobot! Convert them from car to Autobot with 1 push on the transmitter.
Full Function steering in Car and Autbot mode with Tri-Band
transmitter. Including converting sound, voice and LED-lights.
Bumblebee and Lockdown are available as streetcars as well (non transformable). Including Tri-Band transmitter, front and rear LED lights and great looks!
And last but not least the Transformers 4 Helicopter (non transformable).
3.5 channel IR control with Gyro, Tri-Band transmitter, LED lights,
Charges on the remote control or with the included USB charging cable.