Packaging For ‘Autobot Battle’ Platinum 5 Pack Revealed

We’d already known about this Platinum set, but we had yet to see the packaging. Turns out, it’s rather nice.

TFW member Ridngsxrs posted our first look at the final packaging for the five pack. All are toys from the regular line, depicting the main Autobots from ‘ Age Of Extinction’. Well, the non-Dinobot ones. The pack consists of Voyager Optimus Prime and Hound, with Deluxe Crosshairs, Drift, and Bumblebee. Gotta have a Bumblebee.
Enjoy the pic, as the packaging really does do a good job of selling the product, with everything being nice and visible.
Hopefully we’ll have more photos soon, but for now, click the lone thumbnail below to see the larger version.