Official Images Released For SDCC Exclusive ‘Knights Of Unicron’ Set

We’ve already seen smaller images of the already infamous ‘Knights Of Unicron’ set for SDCC. Now enjoy some more thorough, larger images, both seen and unseen. Glam Rock never went out of fashion on Cybertron, and it’s coming back, bigtime.

We have already shown what were ET exclusive photos at that time, but that was over a month ago. With the San Diego Comic-Con set for July 24-27, it’s wonderful to see some larger pictures of the outrageously flamboyant toy set. Along with being sold at the Comic-Con itself, a small number of sets will also be made available on, after the convention is over.
The set consists of 4 or 6 members, depending on your interpretation. The ‘Knights Of Unicron’ pack features Optimus Prime and Jazz, using their ‘Fall Of Cybertron’ designed toys, plus Megatron and Soundwave, who both use their ‘War For Cybertron’ figures. The extra 2 members are part characters and part accessories. They’re repaints of Animated Soundwave’s re-imagined accessories, consisting of Laserbeak the guitar, and Ratbat in his keytar form. The keytar is a perfect fit considering the look Hasbro is going for, with faux fur print and faux hair completing the look. They’re certainly unique, and a definite eye-turner on the shelf.
We also have images of the set’s extras, including the wonderful program, stickers, and poster images that really make this set stand out even more. It’s a lot of fun, and will be certainly be a highlight of the event. Those are available here, and are well worth the look, as they’re amazing fun.
We have larger images of all 6 toys in both modes, and there’s also two wonderful band images, which are hilariously appropriate. All are in the gallery below.