New Master Art Offered by Takara Tomy Toy Mall

Quite some time ago, Takara Tomy Toy Mall had begun to offer high-quality, framed prints of the original Convoy/Optimus Prime box art. These elegantly presented pieces sat on a white background with white matting, and a thin black frame. Now Takara Tomy Toy Mall are expanding their offering by including a number of pieces originally used on the back of boxes or inside of catalogs. Just imagine these beautiful space battle scenes adorning your offices or collection rooms! Currently Takara Tomy Toy Mall has five pieces listed, all from 1985 or 1986. Dengenki Hobby’s website, however, advertises that two more pieces will be added to the collection – both from the 1991 Return of Convoy toy line!
Considering the care that has gone into the production of this artwork, the price is a bit steep; ranging from 35,000 to 45,000 yen (about $344.20 to $442.54 USD) each.
Check out Takara Tomy Toy Mall for the artwork currently being offered, and then head over to Dengheki hobby’s site for the other two prints.