New Legends/Legion Single-pack Figures – Strafe, Megatron, Grimlock

File this one under “weird”. Hobbybase have uploaded a new image showing off some of the new Legends/Legion figures that will be making the rounds at discount stores such as Family Dollar and Big Lots…Only this time they’re a little more creative than the usual minor (VERY minor) variations on Optimus, Bumblebee, Megatron, and Starscream. In this batch we have AoE Strafe from Beast Hunters Windrazor, “G2” Megatron (Okay, so they’re not all a surprise), and AoE Grimlock from Beast Hunters Rippersnapper. That last one should not be confused with the Walmart exclusive Legends/Legion Grimlock from the same mold – instead of copper and black, this version is black and brass.
It looks like those Beast Hunters Predacon completists out there still have a couple more figures to go!
Check out the image on Hobbybase’s Facebook, or read on to see our mirror.