New Images of/Information on Q Transformers

The September issue of TV-Kun magazine has been released in Japan and fans who purchased it were treated to a special DVD packed in with issue.  On the DVD are:

Trailer for all 4 Transformers movies with character introductions
Lost Age/Age of extinction toys and transformation
Battle Command Optimus Prime
Q Transformers
How to Ride a Dinobot shorts
Transformers history
Lost Age Theme Song

The segment on Q Transformers is extremely interesting as it gives a look at some new upcoming product (QT-01 through 06, including Crosshairs, Lockdown, Sideswipe and Prowl), and also a glimpse at a game app called “Mystery of QTF”.
Check out Autobase Aichi’s blog for the full rundown of the DVD and magazine as well as a description of the Q Transformers preview

Q Transformers