New Images Of Upcoming Hero Mashers And Rescue Bots

Thanks once again to the great people at the Transformers Colombia Facebook group, we now have a first look at two new Hero Mashers, and a new Rescue Bots set. Let’s mash them up after the jump.

First off, all photos are at the bottom of this article, in a nice and tidy gallery. So this is our commentary on what we see. Let’s start with the Hero Mashers.
Neither is really surprising for the enjoyable Hero Mashers line, which focuses on completely interchangeable parts, giving you the chance to essentially make up your own character. Funnily enough, just a few years ago, Slug would have been a bit of a big deal, as fans felt the Dinobots had been essentially ‘shelved’ for the moment. Yet after the Fall Of Cybertron game, and of course the blockbuster 4th film, we’ll be seeing them for quite a while now, and that’s always bound to be enjoyable.
Soundwave is packed with one of Sideswipe’s lower arms, and comes with a variety of weapons. The handle of his main gun does stand out in the photo, but presumably will be fine for consumers. The loose picture of Soundwave also seems to show Soundwave in a bit of a ‘Come at me, bro’ pose. Or maybe that’s just me. His chest does stand out a little, as we’re so used to the customary faction sigil in there, but there are no faction logos on the toys themselves, to improve the playability by not forcing you to use Autobot or Decepticon parts.
Slug is a very nice entry in the line. He just seems to suit the styling of the line in a perfect manner. He is one of the most different we’ve seen, but that now unlocks even more body styles of play. Slug comes with Snarl’s tail. Because it’s not enough to have a robot dinosaur on its own, he also comes with some extra guns. Extra guns are always a good thing.
Finally, we have this new Rescue Bots 2-pack. It’s called ‘Silver Force’, so hopefully there ends up being additional characters added in this style, as a force of 2 is a tad underwhelming. Nevertheless, both figures look very nice with these new decos, primarily silver along with their signature colours. A Force starts from the top, so it’s fitting that this set consists of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.
Again, the photos are below, and we thank our friends at Transformers Colombia, who are located here on Facebook, and happen to be one of the nicest Facebook groups I’ve ever encountered.
So it looks like there’s going to be a lot fun with all these toys, whether you’re the child or the ‘Plus’ listed in the age recommendations.