New Article Focuses On The Movie Toys, And Their Inability To Sell As Hoped

Those interested in Transformers, and ultimately any toy line, should look here for an interesting piece from analyzing the current toy market. Titled ‘The State Of The Toy Business 2014: Hey, Is That a Cliff?”, you can pretty much see by reading the last part of the title that it’s not exactly a positive outlook for toy selling trends. Join us after the jump, and see just what the report is saying. You may want to have a bandage handy…
Take Five’s article goes into sales volume of toys released for the recent entry into the Transformers movie franchise, Age Of Extinction. The movie itself has had huge numbers at the box office so far, despite reviews that are largely negative. The apparent decrease in movie toy sales seems easy to explain, as being linked to the quality of the movie. However, that’s not an easy jump to make, as kids probably won’t notice the story flaws, and who would have thought ‘cool robot dinosaurs’ would fail to translate into increased sales volume?
It’s easy to speculate from the comfort of our couches, but the true answer is likely to give a multi-tiered answer, that’s not just as simple as being linked to negative reviews. Unfortunately, but ultimately comforting to some degree, is that toy sales have dropped for the last few years. It’s not just Transformers, it’s everything. Take out LEGO from the stats, and the fall becomes a plummet. That highlights just why Kre-O and Construct-Bots are being heavily promoted; It’s what is selling.
The article itself can be found by clicking right here. It’s an informative piece, and we’ll have to see what the repercussions will truly be. Bad news for anyone often means bad news for everyone.
Our forum discussion for this article is located right here, and we definitely want to hear your reaction to this article, and how you believe it should be interpreted, along with your opinion on the movie toys themselves.