More Steve Jung TF4 Concept Art, Showing A Mix Of Used And Unused Designs

This is a real treat, as Steve Jung’s art always has a built-in ‘wow’ factor. Now we see his early Age Of Extinction designs including unused concept settings, and even a character that was dropped early on. Meet Widow Maker, after the jump.

Concept art is interesting regardless, but Widow Maker is one of those designs that brings a disappointed sigh from the audience, as she looks like she would have been a welcome addition to the final cast. We also get to see all 15 proposed facial designs. That’s right: 15 designs, mixing up all elements, including plenty of robotic ‘hair’.
We also see interior proposals for locations including  Lockdown’s ship interiors, which appears as a Giger-esque version of a setting, complete with guard ‘dogs’. Very nice stuff.
Be sure to check out the gallery below,as it contains all AOE designs Steve has posted to date. His Facebook page is also located via here, and has galleries for many films you’ll instantly recognise, such as Avengers, The Wolverine, and even work on prior Transformers films.
There’s also a thread in the Allspark forums about this gorgeous art, and that’s available via clicking here. We’d love to hear your thoughts about his work, as we absolutely love it. Enjoy the gallery!