More Images From Summer Festival 2014 – Takara Tomy Arts Playstation Optimus Prime, Prime 1 Grimlock Statue

The hits keep coming! Also in from Summer Wonder Festival 2014 in Japan are new images of Takara Tomy Arts Playstation Optimus Prime, and Prime 1’s Grimlock statue.
The Playstation Optimus Prime image shows the gray resin prototype for the action figure (previously we had only seen the concept art). The prototype display gives a fantastic look at both modes for the figure as well as its accessories.
The Grimlock statue from Prime 1 is, simply put, amazing! It’s a highly detailed recreation of Optimus Prime riding Grimlock from Age Of Extinction. Optimus has his sword drawn and is ready for a fight while Grimlock…just looks hungry!
Check out the Playstation Optimus Prime on TAG Hobby’s site and see the Grimlock statue @allonsanfan Twitter feed