More Angry Birds Transformers Designs Revealed, Both Robot And Vehicle Modes

Courtesy of our friends at the Transformers Colombia Facebook group, we now have even more images of the characters and hybrid designs for the upcoming Rovio/Hasbro venture.

We have already showed you the initial images accompanying the official announcement, which showed us a brief look at the general design style, and mimicked classic Transformers images from the past. After that, we showed the designs for Megatron.
Now, we have even more.
These designs feature a blended mix of characters based on a mix of G1 and Movieverse designs, more so the movie designs. And of course, with the essential Birds and Pigs, who are not in a good mood. We have images of Optimus Prime, Megatron (just to be complete, the images are the same as the earlier ones we previewed), Soundwave, Bumblebee, Lockdown (spikey shoulders), and Grimlock. Grimlock has a particularly clever design which re-imagines him as a motorcycle, but with the familiar G1 T-Rex design cues making up the bike itself.
The images are in a gallery below, and come to us courtesy of the Transformers Colombia Facebook Group, located here.