More Age of Extinction Platinum Sets Announced

Joining the aforementioned “Autobots United” “Age of Extinction Leader 2-pack” and “Breakout Battle” we have information about two new Platinum Edition sets. The first one was “Transformers MV4 Optimus Trailer Platinum Edition” we first heard rumblings about in some earlier TRU listings but updated information has it now coming with a Stinger of some sort in addition to the trailer.
The other set is (of course) Dinobot themed! It features the “G1” cast of Grimlock, Slag/Slug, Sludge/Slog, Swoop/Strafe, and Snarl. There have been reports it’s going to be black/gray but I can’t be the only one hoping this will be a non-SDCC set of G1 schemes. They did say they were looking for a way to get the G1 Slog out, we need an Anime Blue Strafe and this would be a perfect way to get both of those out there!
You can scope the listings out at eToysjapan (but alas no color pictures)
Transformers FE Optimus Prime + Trailer Platinum Set Pre-Order
Transformers Generation Dinobots 5 Pack Platinum Set Pre-Order
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Platinum Trailer Prime
Platinum Dinobots