Mechaform Releases First Images Of MF-02 Paddle, AKA 3rd Party Paddles The Dinobot

You can be forgiven for not recognising Paddles. Paddles gained a rather legendary status among fans, but that was our only encounter with Paddles. Until now.

Paddles was once an official Dinobot. That’s a well that has been revisited many times since, but Paddles is the most memorable.  He came to us via a short story in the 2004 prose anthology, ‘Transformers Legends’. Yep, 2004. A whole decade ago, come November. Paddles ended up becoming the fan favourite of the book. There were more stories that ranked as being fairly enjoyable, but Paddles stole every reader’s heart. He was the little Dinobot that could. Here’s a link to his TFWiki entry, and one for the book itself.
But despite his status among fans, there has never been an official version. That’s somewhat understandable, as he’s basically Sludge with flippers, but for those who fell in love with the story, any representation may be better than nothing.
So far we’ve only seen a single image of the alt mode, and a render of the robot mode, which appears to be a pretty rough render still. Both pics are mirrored below. You’ll immediately see the basic differences that highlight just how close to Sludge he looks. But it Paddles, even if it’s just A Paddles. The alt mode will be what most, if not all buyers will have him in, so the robot mode may well be seen as a secondary feature. Yes, we know he’s not exactly a dinosaur, but well, surely ‘robot beast with a heart of gold’ trumps reality.
We’re looking on the developing project, as this progresses, and keeping a keen eye on the pricing and eventual availability, and of course, renders that are more polished than the robot mode shown.
For now, enjoy the rather spiffy prototype, shown, courtesy of Daimchoc from the TFW boards. Our own discussion on it starts here, and we welcome more opinions on this project. Please note that is a 3rd party toy, and is labelled as MF-02.