Masterpiece Sunstorm Spotted In Stores

Time for some news that isn’t SDCC related. Masterpiece Sunstorm has been sighted in several Toys R Us stores in the US.

So far, all sightings seem to be clustered in and around Illinois. That should change within the next week or two, as he hopefully trickles into other stores around the country, and eventually, the rest of the world.
Note that he is priced at $79.99 in the US, and note that the packaging does show Sunstorm as a repainted MP03 Seeker, instead of the actual toy inside, which utilises the updated MP11 Seeker mold.
So start adding TRU to your weekly list, as you never know,  you may just get lucky on this one.
We’ll have more news as these sightings widen, and of course, check our Sightings Forum here, to see if your area has received word of them.