Man-Made Mythology: A Comic Book RPG on Sale at Big Bad Toy Store

Super heroes and comic books are super popular right now. our sponsor, Big Bad Toy Store, is currently running a sale on a comic book themed RPG. This isn’t necessarily something that would necessitate an announcement  by itself, but I have some personal interest in this project seeing as I’m one of the co-creators of the game. The game itself is a D20 based system that has its roots in games like Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder, but with the modern flair of super powered classes (called Mythics), robotic races, vehicle combat and high tech gadgets.
In the core rules, there are 4 starter races and 10 complete classes that allow you to take your characters from level 1 to level 20.
Check out the official product description below and be sure to check out Critical Strike on Facebook.
You can also find Man-Made Mythology on Drive-Thru RPG for both digital and exclusive softcover editions.
From independent publisher Critical Strike Publishing comes the first release of a complete series of comic book themed table top roleplaying games called “Man-Made Mythology” that promises to focus on more than just tights and capes, but rather all genres of comic book inspired lore including mysticism and science fiction and everything in between.
Mythics are here.. Mythics are real!
Super powered beings known as Mythics walk among us! They battle amongst themselves with humanity caught in the cross fire. Now you can stand alongside them with thousands of possible power combinations to choose from.
Can you defend the Earth against the super powered Mythics, the high tech thieves and those who command the power of mysterious extra planar creatures of untold power?
Four unique player races to choose from, including humans, Valkyrie, Synthetics and Reptoids!
Explore all genres of comic book lore with 10 complete classes such as the Gadgeteer, Soldier, as well as the magic wielding Invoker and Vessel classes. Each with their own unique skills and powers that take you from a level 1 rookie all the way to a level 20 paragon!
Complete Game Master’s section with rules for quick NPC creation of any level so you can get started right away.
Rules for fast paced vehicle combat!
50 distinct Mythic Abilities that can be combined in thousands of unique combinations!
Hundreds of magic spells!
Over 2 years in the making and over 425 action packed pages giving you free reign to make nearly any comic book themed characters you can imagine!
Open Game License Rules System played by millions around the world!
Category: Tabletop Role Playing Games

Genre: Superhero/Modern
Title: Man-Made Mythology
Type: Full color, hard cover
Pages: 428