LEGO From 1997 Container Spill Still Being Washed Ashore. Watch Where You Step.

A freak wave knocked 62 containers off a shipping vessel headed for New York. 17 years later,  it’s still washing up on beaches in England, and is by now a plausible find on beaches worldwide. Appropriately, most of the 4.8 million LEGO parts lost were nautical-themed. Irony or serendipity?
While the contents of the other 61 containers are not known, one was confirmed to have held a variety of LEGO pieces, itemised in the link below. They’re an especially fun find for kids, due to the fact many are sea animals and other pieces perfect for beach discovery. There’s also a small, but dedicated group of Cornish collectors scouring the beaches daily. Each is hoping to find their own form of beach treasure, such as the black octopus, a valued find, with only 3 discovered samples recorded in the Facebook group’s logs.
Although the accident happened near Cornwall, England, experts say that the pieces in question are a likely find on beaches worldwide, and that they may well appear for centuries to come. The ocean giveth, and the ocean taketh away.
There have been scattered reports of miscellaneous piece finds in other countries, such as a suspected flipper piece found near Melbourne, Australia.
The full article is available here, and is a nice morning read. It also lists the exact LEGO pieces and quantities lost in the accident. Where they appear next is anybody’s guess. Next time you’re at the beach, you may want to keep an eye out for this tiny plastic treasure.