LA Times Celebrates IDW’s 15th Anniversary. Ryall And Drifts And Ponies, Oh My!

The LA Times has published an article reflecting on IDW’s growth and history over the last 15 years, including how it came to be primarily known as a leading comics publisher, instead of just the design studio they intended at the beginning.

Chris Ryall and Ted Adams, two of IDW’s founders from the ancient past that was 1999, have sat down with the LA Times and had an IDW version of ‘This Is Your Life’. From design studio to art publishers to comics, they’ve done it all, and managed to carve out a unique place in comics history.
Whenever you browse through IDW listings, it’s immediately noticeable that they really do have something for everybody. Artbooks by Ashley Wood compete for space with licensed fare such as My Little Pony and of course, Transformers itself. They even had an IDW-created character appear in the recent Age of Extinction form: Drift made the leap from page to toy to screen, and there’s no telling where he’ll end up next. Another prominent film of an IDW property was the successful screen version of ’30 Days of Night’, which was one of their first gems right near the beginning.
For a reflection on what was, and what could be, lean back and enjoy this celebration of IDW’s history. We look forward to celebrating their 30th anniversary after their next 15 years. The article itself is located via clicking here, and feel free to check out our regular comic discussions, with our Comics forum, located right here.