Japanese Hobby Magazine Scans Show Off MP Star Saber, Campaign Micron Astrotrain

As it turns out, it’s time for another round of hobby magazine scans from Japan! August’s issue of Figure Oh! has plenty to offer giving us another look at Masterpiece Star Saber and our first good look at the smaller Saber robot, A Bathing Ape’s exclusive MP-10 Convoy in green, new images of Transformers Expo Nemesis Prime and black Grimlock, TRU Japan exclusive Optimus Prime Rusty Vers., and let’s not forget the new Campaign Micron Astrotrain – a translucent purple recolor of Generations Payload!
Similar to the original toy, Masterpiece Saber has both an individual robot mode and jet mode, and also combines with a large body/jet booster to form Star Saber. It does not appear, however, that Saber has his own Brainmaster figure.
Astrotrain will be given out at Toys R Us stores in Japan for any customer who makes a 3,000 yen or more Transformers purchase.
Click here to see and discuss the scans. Source: 2chan.