Is There ANY Kids Mag In Australia That Doesn’t Come With A KO Transformer?!

This is our third update on the current Transformers KOs, a staple of inclusion for magazines aimed at children. This one, though, is much morecolourful.
So ugly it’s beautiful? Yes. Yes, it is.

This time the magazine is called ‘Krash’, and comes with a heck of a lot of stuff, including a watch, and a toy. We’ve already covered the multiple KOs out there for the July issue of ‘Mania’, but this one is on a whole new level.
This time it’s an older mold, and also bigger than the Legends size. More KO for your real dollars! The mold KOed for this toy is actually Cybertron Brakedown, first released all the way back in 2005. At the time, this was a Scout Class figure, and also tended to be one of the fan favourites from the Cybertron Scout toys. It does not appear to come with a Cyber Key, which is presumably not an issue for a KO mold anyway.
The deco was lovingly designed by someone who flunked clown college, and stands out on the shelves thanks to its garish colourscheme, as seen below.
The issue itself also comes with a variety of Transformers themed quizzes, and an article no one has ever even remotely considered: Would Optimus Prime win a wrestling match with Ratchet? But wait! Not THAT Ratchet.
It’s Ratchet from the Ratchet And Clank series of games. If you treat this as super serious, and are passionate for one candidate, you can even decide who wins, by going to their website at, aka click here.  Fair warning about said website though. The header has signs specifically stating ‘No Nerds Allowed’ and ‘Geek Free Zone’. I’m sorry, fellow collectors. We’ve just been rejected by a kid’s magazine.
Once again we thank our resident Australian Guinea Pig, Boltax, who has once more shelled out $6.95 for the material in question. He’s added this to his current thread documenting these, located here. Come admire the train wreck that is Aussie kids’ magazines. We’ve also mirrored his photos below, so you can read the thought provoking arguments for both Ratchet and Optimus, and their all-important wrestling skills.