Is “Age of Extinction” Drift Too Good for Mark Wahlberg?

Considering all the stunts in Transformer: Age of Extinction, the cars are sure to take a bit of a beating.  With most of the vehicles, they are sure to have extras, but that is not the case for the highly expensive Bugatti Gran Sport Vitesse used to represent Drift’s car mode in this installment of the franchise.  Being a high profile actor, and the male lead of the movie, you would think Mark Wahlberg would have gotten a chance to take it for a spin, right?  Not so, according to an interview Wahlburg did recently with USA Today.
“They don’t let you touch it unless you’re going to shoot in it, you got to be very careful,” says Wahlberg, “It’s a very expensive vehicle. They don’t have multiples and if something happens there’s a problem.”
So, there you have it.  Even the big name actors sometimes get told hands off.  The article goes on to detail some of the care the vehicles get, as well as the expectation for their use on set.