Iron Factory Shows Prototypes Of 3rd Party Gen Legends ‘Ultra Magnus’ And More

3rd party group ‘Iron Factory’ have shown a grey resin prototype for a Legends scale ‘Looks like, but isn’t, but is’ Ultra Magnus, plus painted test shots of Metroplex’s personal aides, also not Sixgun nor Slammer with him.

You may remember Iron Factory for their nice upgrade set for FOC Grimlock. To be clear, when we refer to Legends scale here, that’s the new Legends scale, ala Swerve and Tailgate, more than the other smaller Legends scale from prior years. There is a pic that shows that scale next to the smaller Optimus too, if you wanted to gauge how well it might fit with smaller Legends.
Iron Factory has also released painted test shots photos of their versions of Metroplex’s friends, Slammer and Sixgun. They’re shown with both Metroplex and the Scamper he comes with, again for you to gauge scale and overall look.
Enjoy our gallery below, of all three pieces, and keep checking our site, as more info rolls in on these guys, and follow what other fans are saying about these by joining in at the Allspark Forum’s thread about these little guys.