In-Hand Image of Walmart “Exclusive” TF 4 Optimus Prime and Grimlock (Cruellock Repaint)

A RotF Legend/Legion and an Energon Basic masquerading as Transformers: Age of Extinction toys. Yes, that’s exactly what we have here! Facebook user Yatogami WhiteWizard Shidou has posted an image of the Optimus Prime and Grimlock Legion/Basic 2-pack that will eventually make its way to the US as a Walmart exclusive. “Eventually” is the key word there. Yatogami Shidou is in Malaysia and that’s where he purchased the set of toys for 49.90 RM. So US fans don’t go running out to your Walmart stores just yet!
Check out Yatogami WhiteWizard Shidou’s Facebook page for the image, or read on to see it mirrored here.